Capri Marquees: Budget Marquees Without Compromise

If you have ever planned a wedding or a small garden party you will know that the cost of hiring a marquee can be incredibly expensive. While the cost of hiring the marquee itself can seem reasonable it is all the extras that are needed to get the empty shell looking good, for example the cost of lining and flooring which can nearly treble the cost. This got Marquees With Pryde looking for an alternative system that would allow us to offer customers an attractive marquee that doesn’t have a huge list of extras which soon add up and break the bank. That is why we invested in Capri marquees.

We offer marquee packages that include flooring, and with the contemporary marquee it looks great inside and out eliminating the extra cost of the linings. This all means that a party tent can be hired out at a reasonable price and most importantly offering unrivalled styling.

Budget Marquee

We can keep you within your event budget not just by eliminating the need for expensive extras but by our cost effective procedures and practices. The Capri marquee system is a lot less labour intensive than the more expensive clear-span tents which means that we can save on overheads and pass this saving on straight to our clients. So less hands are needed to put these amazing marquees up and they go up very fast, saving the time on site and essentially saving our clients more money.

As these marquees use very little metal work we can also eliminate the need for expensive lorries and trucks, it’s not just the cost of the diesel to run these thirsty beasts but also the operating licence, insurance and a huge array of other costs associated with transporting large bulks of metal work around the country. So by operating transit vans we can keep the logistical costs down to a bare minimum allowing us to offer cheap prices that you will find on our price page.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Capri marquees and how we can help with your next outdoor event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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