1) Planning your event (3)

Do you do site surveys?

We feel that it is important to do a quick site survey to ensure we won’t have any unexpected problems on the day. It is also very important to us to meet our clients and ensure we are getting the right equipment for their big event. This is a free service we provide.

Is a deposit required?

We ask for 25% deposit to secure the booking, and will take final payment once the marquee is set up and you, our customer, is completely happy with the equipment and set up.

Which areas do Marquees With Pryde operate in?

We are based in Bedford and mainly operate in the following counties: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. Saying that, nowhere within England is too far for us to equip you with a marquee for your outdoor event but delivery costs will vary depending on location.

3) Setting up the marquee (5)

How long does it take to set up?

Depends on what equipment is hired, however typically we can get the Marquee, Matting and Lighting all set up within 2 hours, the dance floor would take another hour but depends on how far away we can park form the site.

When will you set up, and take the marquee down?

We try to set up at the very latest the day before the event, however usually we will get it set up 2 days before the event. This allows final decorations and preparations to be added and avoids extra stress on the big day. We usually aim to get the marquee down the day after the event, however we understand that hangovers may get in the way and will work around the customer to find a convenient time.

What type of surface can you set up the Marquee on?

We have a variety of marquee styles and can set up on any surface with our Clearspan and Pagoda marquees. We are very happy to come out to do a free site survey in order to advise you on the best marquee solution for your requirements and any restrictions.

Please note that Capri marquees need to be staked directly into the ground and as such normally have to set up on grass. Though we have worked around patios in the past, by lifting slabs or driving our stakes down the side of the patio or decking.

Will you set up the furniture?

Unlike some marquee firms, who will leave furniture in piles of tables and chairs, we like to get everything in place for the customer and don’t mind putting the extra time to set up tables and chairs, even if we have to move the tables around to get it right.

Can we have the marquee adjoining the house?

Yes you can, with any of our Clearspan and Pagoda marquees this is absolutely possible.

With our capri marquees, we would advise otherwise as we can certainly get the marquee as close to the house as possible however due to the style of the arches we are unable to attach the marquee directly to the house.

2) About our marquees (3)

Are your Marquees waterproof?

Yes, all our marquees are fully waterproof!

Do all your marquees come with sides?

Yes, we supply all sides as part of the price, we offer both clear walls and plain white walls.

How high are the marquee arches?

Typically the marquees arches in our Capri marquees are 7ft to 8ft allowing for plenty of head room at the entrance.

4) Lighting, furniture & decorations (3)

Can we decorate the marquee?

Yes, we tell all our customers that they are free to add decorations to our marquees, though we do ask that they use string opposed to tape. We also ask that party poppers and crepe paper are not used within the marquee as they can stain our white canvass.

How many people can sit around the tables?

For a five foot round table we suggest 8-10 people.
A six foot trestle table can sit 8-10 depending if we set up in as a long line of trestles or if they are set up as stand-alone table.

How much electricity is required for marquee lighting?

For our lights we ask for one normal domestic ring. Though if this is not available for your intended site a generator can be hired in.

If you have any other questions or queries, or would just like to speak to a marquee expert to have your questions answered, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07718 266 014, drop us a note via our contact form or the ‘leave a reply’ section below and we will get back to you ASAP.